About Company

Tactilion LLP provides secure electronic payment solutions, expertise and services that enhance experience and add value to the point of sale and bank office.

Headquartered in London, Tactilion company spread trusted, secure and innovative payment devices, global payment as a service and commercial solutions that create smooth and easy interactions between consumers and merchants. Manufacturing is located in the most technologically advanced place in the world - Guangzhou, China. Software development office is placed in Zelenograd - the best Russian techno-centre.

The company’s products and services concentrate on precise and limited range of products to guarantee high quality and satisfy high modern requirements. They include ATM, banknote sorters, mobile, countertop and self-service devices, software and web-based gateways. It’s global partnership and professional people provide the greatest strength and best positions in the market.

As the payment and commerce landscape grows increasingly complex, the experienced sales team of Tactilion are partnering with our clients to solve payment challenges and navigate new commerce opportunities. At Tactilion we are driven by a desire to create class-leading products that deliver great customer experiences and the best value for money.

Market Presence

Based on researching and developing strength, tailor-made solutions, and integrated customer service system, Tactilion has increased competitive advantages in EFT POS Systems, ATM and Cash Automation industry. Nowadays, Tactilion step by step becomes a leading brand of supplier for financial self-service terminals worldwide. The honorable clients include the broad country spread from Canada to China. The Tactilion products are welcome and in service in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Under the overseas marketing strategy, Tactilion is widely recognized and has an agressive and steady penetration in Asia-Pacific, Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa.