Automatic Deposite Machine


Automatic Deposit Machine Tactilion Cash with BPS C1

Technical parameters:

  • 10” – 12” LCD touch screen
  • The sorter of banknotes BPS C1, Giesecke & Devrient
  • Count rate / sort up to 1200 banknotes per minute
  • Metal box or soft tissue cassette with 15 000 banknotes capacity and automatic locker
  • Receipt printer
  • Deposit  safe, 1 class
  • Contactless card reader module to identify customers (optional)
  • Web camera (optional)
  • PIN pad (optional)
  • Plastic cards reader (optional)
  • Coins module (optional)

Software specifications for Tactilion Cash Automatic Deposit Machine

Parameters Availability/ Name
Payments Server Alternative
Monitoring Server Event Watch
Integration with Automatic Bank System (ABS) Yes
Integration with Processing Center Yes
Software Certification in Processing Center Yes