Banknote Sorter Ta940F


Banknote Sorter Ta-940F (3+1)


  • Simple selection of operating modes
  • User-friendly color LCD
  • Rapid transport and accurate sorting
  • Small footprint for teller areas
  • Superb counterfeit detection
  • Fast and reliable deposit verification
  • Ease to upgrade software and to be maintained


  • Fitness sorting
  • New/old style note sorting
  • Orientation sorting
  • Denomination sorting
  • Batching arrangement
  • Serial numbers reading (optional)

Technical Advantages

  1. Adopted the cutting-edge CIS, DSP technology. Identification and control system use FPGA+DSP structure, more CPU in processing.
  2. Auto detect counterfeit banknote by using Light Image, IR Image, Spectrum Image, Magnetic Image, UV, Magnetic Ink, Thread Metal, IR Penetration, Multipoint Thickness Measurement, etc. Error code indicated and alarm sound when find fake banknote.
  3. Detect incomplete, damaged, holes, fold, pen marks, oil, overlapped, spliced, tape and double on the banknote.
  4. Separate the suspected notes from damaged notes, easy to organize notes, reduce the worklad.
  5. Have many functions, such as counting, version sorting, orientation sorting, sorting banknote for ATM machine, adding, batching, serial number checking and output, connecting LAN etc. and Display the banknote number of each pocket separately.
  6. Adjustable sensitivity, auto storage, self checking after being switched and displaying the error code, restorable to default setting.
  7. Super LCD display, attachable to portable-type LED display.
  8. Software upgrading via internet or U disk.

The banknote sorting machine model Ta-940F is compact, robust and powerful. It combines ease of use with a small footprint, low cost and high economic benefits.

Counting: 800-1,000 BN/max
Fitness detection: 720-800 BN/min
The speed levels are available for manual setting

Feed Capacity
Number of pockets: 1 hopper, 3 pockets, 1 rejecting bill pockets
Hopper: 1200 notes with continuous feed
Available currency: as your requirement

Capacity of Output Stackers
Stacker: 500 notes x 3
Reject stacker: 150 notes

Detection Methods
Visible light image analysis
Infrared image analysis
Transmitted light image analysis
Ultraviolet fluorescence analysis
Full length magnetic analysis
Full size thickness detection
Double side contact high-speed image scan
Grey scale of image: 256 levels
Optical definition: 300dpi
Artificial neural networks

Detection Type
Soiling, hole, adhesive tape, missing part, dog-ears, stain, tear

USB 2.0

Sound Power
Idle: 65db(A)

Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 220V AC (±10%), 50Hz (±5%)
Power consumption: ≤400W

Operating Environment
Temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC
Humidity: 20% to 95% Non-condensing

Dimensions and Weight
Dimension: 600mm X 500mm X 440mm (H x W x D)
Weight: approx. 70kg