Features & benefits

for banks & processing centres

As the server based solution it provide full capability for bank to manage and monitor terminals which can help bank to save time and cost for any upgrade/ security solutions etc. remotely.

  • Centralized monitoring of the POS devices status
  • Centralized secure key injection/management
  • Change of business logic/ parameters centrally through Aria Host and update to terminal remotely
  • Ready integration of Aria Host with any external host

Business logic is on server side

1. Modifications are made on ARIA.HOST part (minor modification POS-Terminal App)

  • Easy parametrization
  • Easy to add new modules 
  • Easy to modify algorithms (i.e. new transactions, modifying cheques, screen menu, etc.)
2. Monitoring - as all POS terminals activity goes via ARIA.HOST there are significant possibilities to monitor:

  • All the statistic (financial, technical etc.)
  • All the POS HW actions sequences. Allows identify and fix bugs / increase interface usability.

Server powered by general server software

  • Faster development / enhancements / customization
  • Easy integration with third side systems

Test Server

Easy to test any new developments. Require just to switch remotely from main Server to test Server

Linux & Android

Supports Linux and Android POS-Terminals


Ability to communicate with several hosts depending on transaction type. I.e. payment transaction, billing, loyalty could go via different hosts


Several Legal Entities on one POS-Terminal

Remote Key Loading

Deliver POS-Terminals from factory directly to the merchant/customer side, activate POS-Terminal remotely, then its ready to use by merchant

Other value added functionality may be realized in ARIA i.e.

  • HoReCa Applications
  • Transport Applications
  • Billing services
  • Etc.