News 14

Tactilion company at Trustech 2018 Payment Conference in France


Tactilion company took part at TRUSTECH, the global event for Payments, Identification and Security togerher with a Partner Shanghai SmartPeak Technology Co. Ltd. Professionals from the cards and trust-based technologies industry took centre stage at the three-day event at the Palais des Festivals centre in Cannes.

The Innovation Stage provided a high-level introduction of the latest developments from the exhibitors. Packaged in a fast-moving format, consisting of 5 minute pitching sessions grouped around a related theme, attendees were able to hear up to 10 speakers in an hour and receive a good understanding of the advances and their benefits. Pitches consisted of new solutions, breakthroughs, product launches and new concepts. And the conference delivered cutting edge content focused around three themes aligned with the TRUSTECH offering: Payments, Identification and Security.