ARIASOFT.ASAP is a special in-build protocol that provides ability to integrate any external application with ARIASOFT payment functionality.

External application can be installed either at the same device (also called Smart POS-ECR solution) or at external device (like external standalone ECR).

Protocol is the same for any kind of integration regardless of OS type or device type.

For Android solution integration can be realized in 2 ways
1. classical integration

External software works separately from ARIASOFT.POS (which runs at background). When application need to provide cashless features it just make an intend request to ARIASOFT.POS via ASAP protocol and waits for its response.

2. seamless integration

ARIASOFT.POS provides as an SDK module that can be integrated right inside external application as an internal feature. In this case cashless features stills provides by ARIASOFT functionality. But ARIASOFT becomes just part of external application.


  • ECR
  • petrol stations
  • billing payments
  • Taxes
  • transport
  • loyalty

Already deployed integrations:

  • Russia Railway Company,
  • Kazakhstan Tax Authority,
  • dozens of ECR integrations in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia.