ARIASOFT transaction


ARIASOFT – multivendor and multiplatform system (available for Android and Linux OS for various hardware vendors) developed on the base of client-server architecture with “thin client” and consist of two parts: Terminal part ARIASOFT.POS and server part, so-called pre-host – ARIASOFT.HOST


ARIASOFT.HOST is server side application that operates EFT POS terminals in acquiring network system ARIASOFT. Constitutes pre-host solution to which terminals with ARIASOFT.POS system connect. Server application connect with acquiring hosts using standard authorization protocols.


Application for Android smartphone, ‘thin client’ that works with ARIASOFT system. The application supports standard POS terminal functionality.

ARIASOFT.POS and ARIASOFT.HOST work via special protocol ATCP.

Aria Thin Client Protocol. based on JSON-messages.