Recycling ECM 69

recycling ecm 69

Automatic Teller Machine Tactilion ECM69 Recycling

Basic functionality:

  • Currency exchange: foreign into local currency and back
  • Ready to adjust ATM parameters for banknote fitness in recycling function
  • Cash withdrawal from a bank card
  • Cash deposit to a bank card
  • Support the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, KZT, RUB

Additional functionality:

  • Crediting to a money transfer card (UNISTREAM, Western Union, etc.)
  • Currency exchange from the card (EUR, USD, etc. to a local currency)
  • Billing: acceptance of payments for mobile communication, cable television, Internet, etc.
  • Loan repayment


  • Front loading office type ATM
  • Graphic thermal printer
  • Touchscreen 17
  • "LCD 17 "monitor
  • UPS


  • System unit
  • Hitachi recycling module with 8 recycling cartridges: 4 cartridges of 450 banknotes and 4 cartridges of 1800 banknotes each
  • Safe (I, II, III burglary class)
  • PIN-PAD with automated card reader
  • Video monitoring system, face ID video cameras (optional)


  • Banknote fitness settings in accordance with international standards
  • Banknote acceptance speed: note by note (20 notes /min)
  • Banknote withdrawal speed: up to 300 pcs bundle (400 notes /min)

Software main components and characteristics

  • Payment Server
  • Monitoring Server
  • Ready to integrate with the processing center and automated banking system
  • XFS platform
  • Certification of software for working with processing

Payment and monitoring server functionality

  • Various customer transactions reports
  • Stable data exchange between ATMs and external automated banking systems
  • Online ATM network monitoring and control of embedded hardware, event reporting
  • Software control, remote work with the file system
  • Remote ATM control