self-service terminal tactilion duo-zd


  • Payment
  • Information
  • Banks
  • Tickets
  • Special projects

Main Features

  • Card payments
  • Card top up
  • Bank card operations
  • Bank and other inquiries
  • Money transfer
  • Bill payments
  • Withdrawal (option)
  • Print statements, etc.
  • Second monitor (option for multimedia and advertising)

Main parameters

  • TWO 19" touch capacitive screens
  • Toning the entire top panel
  • Shockproof glass
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish modern look
  • Separate service and money collection services
  • The upper door of the service zone is equipped with a gas-holders
  • High degree protection locks with latch locking system
  • All components located in dedicated niches
  • Secure fastening to the floor with anchor bolts of up to 10 mm
  • Color choice within full RAL scale
  • Logos and patterns applications at the manufacturing stage
  • Communication: network card 10/100Mb
  • Modem, Telephone line connection, GPRS, ADSL, WiFi optionally

Software logic for Tactilion Duo-Z and Duo-ZD Self-Service Terminals