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In may 2020, Turon Bank and HUMO payment system in cooperation with parent company of Tactilion Internadeks group LTD have implemented an innovative solution SoftPos for accepting cashless payments. This project proved the possibility of turning any Android smartphone with an NFC-module into a real POS-terminal. Today the SoftPos solution in Uzbekistan is successfully used on more than 1000 devices of Turon Bank customers.

How it works: you sign an acquiring agreement with the Bank, then download the ARIASOFT.T2P app and your phone can accept any cashless payments! We have already described it in the previous article.

 Internadeks group LTD continues to make achievements! The project is developing, and today the ground-breaking payment solution SoftPos successfully accepts MasterCard cards in Uzbekistan. 

MasterCard payment system has become a partner of the SoftPos development project in Uzbekistan! The limits of using ARIASOFT.T2P are expanding, and now the solution successfully accepts not only HUMO payment system cards, but also MasterCard ones!

High expansion rates of SoftPos solution confirm the reliability and efficiency of the development. Internadeks never stops, so the next goal of the group LTD is to make Visa and MIR payment systems partners of this project.

Thus, in the nearest future SoftPos will allow you to get rid of all restrictions on accepting cashless payments, simplify payment acceptance and increase the profit of any company that connects to the advanced SoftPos solution!

This technology is a new tool for cashless payments and the engine of profit growth for banks and merchants, as well as comfort for consumers. This solution provides new competitive advantages and increases the efficiency of the organizations using the innovative SoftPos solution.